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Hi, this is Ehsan

My name is Ehsan (like "a Sun" in the Sky). In my life journey, one day I found my hidden talent of finding "Beauty" and "Positivity" within people around me and the world I was living in. I decided to use this inner talent and capture this allure around me, therefore, I bought my first camera many years ago and started learning when I was very younger. 

It had been a hobby for many years, until something changed. Many books in my life and motivating people around me helped me to discover what I am looking for in life to be happier and to follow my passion wherever that may lead. They also showed me how to face my fears and head straight towards the goals I had set for myself. These all caused me to start photography seriously and professionally. I finally took the next step and  bought professional equipment, attended professional courses and daily practice, practice and practices deepened my skills and raised my self-confident to start this small business to help people love themselves more and show them how awesome they really are.

We all need good photographs depicting our best look of us and of our lovely family. I love to take some awesome/ creative photographs of you as well as spending some fun hours together, not only to capture the moments and to make a good memory for the future, but also to make friendship and communicate with people I believe deserve to be loved.


Thank you for this opportunity and trusting me. I promise to appreciate your trust in me to provide you photographs that change the way you love yourself in a better way and make you feel great about yourself and your loved ones whenever looking at it.

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Thanks Ehsan, we had a lovely time with you. Special thanks for being patient with our other kid. I know taking shoots from kids are not easy. It was a lovely sunny day in Mona vale



Omg finally found ur page !! It’s us 👽 nice to meet you ! Thanks for the vibes 🙏🏽✨🌿 good luck on your journeys !

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Gosh Ehsan thank you so much and I love my photographs. I think you are amazing, so talented and creative. So enjoyed our day...